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JN Kites Sponsors One Mr Fantastic Kite for Winner at CKA Championships


JN Kites is proud to be a sponsor the 2014 Collegiate Kiteboarding Association National Championships in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina June 6-10, 2014. Collegiate riders will gather to throw down their best kiting moves in freestyle, slider, and surf kiting competitions.

The National Championship is set to take place in one of the nation’s top kiting destinations, Cape Hatteras, where competing riders will have a chance to win cash prizes and great gear including a 2014 JN Kites Mr. Fantastic 4-line kite.

JN Kites’ began working with the CKA in 2014 and is excited to support the mission of the organization and pitch in for the championship event. JN Kites North American distributor is located in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, a location chosen because it is famous for great kiting of all kinds. The barrier island offers sound-side slicks, long downwinders on both sides, and ocean riding for almost any wind direction.

JN Kites offers a wide range of kiteboarding gear and kitesurfing kites and boards. Our online store stocks the best kiteboarding kites available today. Online store also offers wide selection of kitesurfing apparel and clothing from JN Kites.

The Collegiate Kiteboarding Association was started in 2005 and consists of 10 clubs located across the country. The association is a non-profit with a mission of getting more college age kiters on the water. Members participate in social gatherings (ahem… some parties), a national tour, regional competitions, and the national championship.

The 2014 Collegiate Kiteboarding Association Championship event comes on the heels of the 2014 Triple-S Kiteboarding Invitational which wraps up with their awards party the same night and location as the championship kick-off so the island will be buzzing with activities, parties, and people, including the top kiters in the world, that share your addiction for the wind. What better place to be? Come on out to see what kiteboarding in kiter’s heaven is all about! 

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